Margarita Howard: Pioneering Success with HX5

Margarita Howard’s entrepreneurial journey has been nothing short of remarkable. In 2004, she
bravely established HX5, a company that provides professional mission support
services to federal space and defense government agencies. With a focus on
software and hardware engineering services, mission operations support, and
research and development, HX5 quickly gained recognition as a trusted partner for government clients. 

Howard’s decision to start HX5 was driven by her deep understanding of the government contracting
landscape. As a first-generation American, she recognized the socioeconomic
set-aside opportunities for veteran, woman-owned, small businesses.
Additionally, her experience working with large businesses in the industry gave
her insight into the competitive aspects of government contracting. Determined
to create a company that could thrive independently, Howard named her company
HX5, symbolizing her family’s support and resilience. 

To further establish HX5 in the market, Howard entered the Small Business Administration’s
8(a) program, which offers mentorship and support services to socially and
economically disadvantaged business owners. This accreditation allowed HX5 to
bid on and win contracts worth several million dollars. However, Howard’s
vision for HX5 went beyond sole-source awards from the SBA. 

She understood that sustained success required a competitive edge and the ability to compete for
government work. This meant building a competent team, investing in the right
infrastructure, and meeting all the obligations and requirements that come with
government contracting. Margarita Howard’s strategic investments,
such as an industry-recognized accounting system, set HX5 apart from other
small businesses and made it an attractive partner for large businesses seeking
to meet their small business goals in government contracts. 

Despite being in a male-dominated industry, Howard’s leadership has been instrumental in HX5’s
growth. She has built a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, many
of whom have been with the company for over a decade. This emphasis on teamwork
and employee value is a testament to her inclusive leadership style. 

In the highly competitive prime government contracting landscape of 2024, HX5 continues to thrive. Margarita Howard’s strategic vision, resilience,
and commitment to her team have propelled the company forward. With a focus on
compliance, strategic business development, and adaptability to changing
government priorities, HX5 remains a prominent player in the industry. 

Margarita Howard’s success story with HX5 is a testament to her determination and
entrepreneurship. From humble beginnings, she has established a company that
consistently delivers exceptional services to its government clients. As HX5
continues to evolve and grow, Margarita Howard’s leadership will undoubtedly
steer the company towards even greater achievements. Visit this page for related information. 


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