Securus Technologies Issues Industry Challenge

Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a the top provider of technology to prison facilities and law enforcement across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Some of the technologies they provide are monitoring equipment, public safety, and assistance in criminal investigations. The main competitor to Securus Technologies is GTL. In January 2017 Securus issued a challenge to GTL in which they would both submit to an independent judge who would determine who has the most complete set of products and services, who’s telephone calling platform features the newest technology, who’s overall platform is more efficient with capital and resources, best customer service, and other factors.

In a statement the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, said that GTL was not telling the truth when they say that their technology and customer service is the equal of Securus. He went on to point out that his company has recently invested more than $700 million in acquisitions, a new call center located in the United States, updated as well as brand new technology, and other product developments. Smith said that GTL had not been doing anywhere near the level of investing in their business, products, and services like Securus Technology has been doing.

Richard Smith went into some details about his complaint against GTL. He said that Securus has a larger and more useful set of products for both correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. Smith said that many of the customers that have switched to Securus from GTL have stated that it was due to Securus’ superior technology and customer service. In the last five year’s Securus has taken away $4 in revenue from GTL vs. the $1 they’ve lost to them.

The LA Kabbalah Centre and Its Celebrity Connections

The precursor to the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre was established in New York City in 1965. At that juncture, and through its time in New York City, what is now called the Kabbalah Centre bore the moniker The National Research Institute of Kabbalah.

In 1984, the New York incarnation of what would become the Kabbalah Centre opened its doors is Los Angeles. Since that point in time, the Kabbalah Centre has attracted the attention of a considerable number of celebrities. These high-profile individuals indicate that the find that involvement with the Kabbalah Centre provides a sense of balance and meaning to their lives.

Madonna is one example of a celebrity with close ties to the LA Kabbalah Centre. She is probably the best known celebrity associated with the LA Kabbalah Centre, having been connected to it for a couple of decades.

Madonna has also been involved in establishing Kabbalah branches associated with the Kabbalah Centre. As of this juncture in time, the Kabbalah Centre has over 50 branches worldwide. This includes branches in major cities that include New York City, London, and Toronto.

Paris Hilton is another famous individual with connections to the LA Kabbalah Centre. She has said in media interviews that the Kabbalah Centre is an important part of her life. She has relied on the resources of the Kabbalah Centre to get her through challenging moments in her life, including her breakup with pop singer Nick Carter.

Throughout fairly recent history, other famous people have been associated with the practice of Kabbalah. These individuals include Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Elizabeth Taylor.

Unlike other Kabbalah organizations, the Kabbalah Centre does not require a new participant to have a background in Hebrew and Jewish writings.

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