Fortress Investment Group, Driving Business through Professional Teams

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a well-established investment firm based in New York. Founded in 1998, the company has developed expertise in a range of investment strategies including credit, liquid markets, traditional asset management, and private equity.

Since its establishment, Fortress Investment Group has experienced tremendous growth and development. Currently, the company manages in excess of $43 billion of assets in diverse investments across the world. Fortress manages assets for its more than 1,750 private and corporate investors in permanent capital vehicles, hedge funds, and private equity among others.

Fortress Investment Group draws its strength from its team of highly qualified and experienced team of professionals. The company has more than 900 employees under the leadership of its three visionary principals; Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens. The team has a track in investing in a wide range of ventures.

Fortress group continues to build on its team of professionals to ensure sustainable business growth and development. Currently, the company has several open positions in its management team the positions are meant to improve the company’s capacity to increase its global presence. The vacant job positions are mostly meant to bolster the competency of Fortress subsidiaries.

For instance, Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC is seeking an Asset Manager. The successful candidate will be responsible for review and tracking of aviation-related agreements and schedules, lease information in Microsoft NAV Leasing module, and prepare lease summaries. He or she will ensure that all departments comply with the lease agreements among other related duties.

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors owns and acquire transport related infrastructure and equipment in intermodal transport, rail, aviation, and energy. The company also operates commercial airplanes and jets, which are leased to third parties. FTI has a dedicated team of professional employees, who have propelled it to the apex of the aviation industry. The company has more than $17 billion worth of assets under its management, a total of $2.5 billion in consolidated assets, and $1.06 billion in total equity capital.

Most people who have worked at Fortress investment group have hailed the company as one of best workplaces. They have expressed their satisfaction with the supportive management team, competitive pay, clear career progression path, and excellent teamwork.

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Fortress Investment Group Ventures into the Rail System Business

Fortress Investment Group Ventures into the Rail System Business

In the month of May 2018, Fortress Investment Group launched the Brightline train with an inaugural run. The train which runs at a speed of approximately eighty meters per hour made its first run between Miami and Fort Lauderdale in less than thirty minutes. This is an impressive amount of time considering the fact that a car ride between these two areas takes more than forty-five minutes depending on the traffic situation at that time. The Brightline train has more to it than speed. The train is also passenger friendly as it has the most comfortable seats made of leather and has an inside food service as well as a free Wi-Fi service.

The train charges only ten dollars for a one-way ticket and makes approximately thirty rounds in a day. Currently, the train serves the areas between Palm Beach and Miami as well as most parts of Southern Florida. The owners and operators of the train; Fortress investment group has been looking for funds to start a second phase of the project with the aim of expanding its reach to other congested areas like between Houston and Dallas, between Atlanta and Charlotte and other such areas.

Fortress receives funding for the second phase of the Brightline Train project

Brightline is the first ever passenger train system that is owned and operated by a private entity in the United States. Due to the warm reception that it has received from commuters, an expansion project has been in the works. It was recently announced that the Florida Development Finance Corporation has awarded Fortress Investment Group a 1.15 billion dollars’ worth of funding for the second phase of the project. To know more about him click here.

About the Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment is an assets and investments management company that currently manages assets worth more than 72 billion dollars from clients who are both individuals and corporations from different parts of the globe. The company was founded in the year 1998 through the collaboration of Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. In December 2017, the company was sold to a Japanese conglomerate called SoftBank for the amount of 3.3 billion dollars. The company is situated in New York.

Sahm Adrangi’s Report on St. Joe’s Development Projects

Kerrisdale Capital, a private firm founded by Sahm Adrangi, released a negative report about St. Joe Company. Headquartered in Watersound, Florida, St. Joe Company is a land development firm whose operations revolve around managing a wide range of products. Residential, commercial, forestry and rural properties are some of the products under the firm. Currently one of the company’s plans is to develop a desolate land near Panama City into a desirable area for retirees and entrepreneurs.

On the flip side, it is unlikely that St Joe Company will develop the property according to its valuation of $1billion dollars. A bulk of St. Joe’s properties is located in remote, swampy and desolate areas. This totally contrasts with the beachfront property, the firm just monetized. In order to justify the situation, the firm assumes that more than 2600 houses and 400,000 square foot of space are sold annually for 50 years. If all of this happens, St. Joe’s retirement district would be the top-selling community in the United States of America. It will also mean that more of the firm’s real estate would have been sold than absorbed in the Panhandle market.In reality, there has been minimal activity on the properties under St. Joe Company.

Furthermore, according to Kerrisdale Report, there was very little activity in terms of building requirement inquiries and any other signs of development. Sahm Adrangi, the founder of Kerrisdale Capital, went on to add that St. Joe’s Company investors have been suffering for a long time as they wait for progress. He also said that they would have to wait even longer as the firm attempts to develop the property at a reasonable pace.

Sahm Adrangi is an alumnus of Yale University from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 2003. Throughout his career, Sahm Adrangi has been a good entrepreneur and made a significant impact in the American corporate world. It was in 2009 that he founded Kerrisdale Capital. Kerrisdale Capital is a firm that deals in long-term investment options. Sahm Adrangi also happens to be the firm’s, Chief Investment Officer. He has also made a name for himself in the banking sector and in exposing fraudulent companies.

The Oxford Club Helps You Increase Wealth

The Oxford Club provides its clients with investment analysis and investment strategies. Founded in 1989, its nearly 30 years of experience offering sound advice, has attracted over 157,000 members. It operates globally, and reaches its members in 131 countries. The Oxford Club was founded in Baltimore, Maryland.


The entire contents of the website can be accessed by all of the members. They can find in-depth research and analysis, performed by the expert investment staff of the Oxford Club, under the leadership of Alexander Green, the Chief Investment Strategist. The information is updated frequently, in order to keep up with trends and news.


Its purpose is to offer its members a consistent plan for investing their money, and a clear strategy for increasing their wealth, with consistently higher results than the stock market. At the Oxford Club, it is easy to access research and analysis on stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, and more.


The site offers twelve services for trading, available to all members. Signing up for membership at the Oxford Club is easy. One can go on their website to sign up, or for live assistance, there are customer support representatives waiting to help you. There are three levels of membership available, the first being that of a Premier Member. Following that, there is the Director’s Circle Member, and then the highest level, as a Chairman’s Circle Member.


The Oxford Club places a great deal of importance on communicating with its client members. Each month, every member receives three informative newsletters. One of the monthly newsletters, named the Oxford Club Communique, has been recognized as being one of the best in terms of performance.


Members also receive weekly updated communications. Other reports, such as the Weekly Report, the Quarterly Report, and The Oxford Income Letter will contain more valuable updates, analysis, and insight. All of these tools are designed to benefit the members, increase their investment knowledge, and to help them recognize the best opportunities available to maximize their profits.

Avatrade Review: Everything You’ll Want To Know

Forex trading is greatly simplified on the Avatrade trading website. Using their innovative platform you can find all the information you need in order to get into the foreign exchange market. While Avatrade is simple to use it shouldn’t be mistaken as a place for novices only. Even veterans will find things they enjoy about Avatrade especially the flexibility when compared to other forex trading platforms. There are options for those who want to focus on a very specific set of currencies and others who want something that will adjust as the markets change over the course of time. Regardless, the Avatrade platform works just fine.

The most important thing to remember about Avatrade is the MetaTrader 4 electronic trading platform. This gives you the ability to trade with all of the information you’re going to need and want before you make any important decision. This allows you to pick the spread you believe best fits your style of investment. If you want a fixed spread with a concentration on specific currencies like the dollar or yen, this is easily done and you’ll get to see your profit for yourself. If you want a floating spread, you have that option as well. Avatrade is very flexible and understands the importance of user choice.

Beyond forex Avatrade also offers options in commodities and other investments. You can take a look at a broad array and decide exactly what’s right for you. In fact, Avatrade was one of the first websites to offer Bitcoin exchanges. That’s a feature you just can beat no matter where you look. That variety and depth within a simplified package is what makes Avatrade versatile and appealing to so many different demographics. No matter what you’re into, you’ll have an excuse to use Avatrade. The MetaTrader 4 program gives you everything you could possibly want and doesn’t stop where others would. Instead, you’re given a financial feast. You’ll even have the ability to choose a demo account until you’re finally ready to dive into this lucrative platform officially. That’s something you’ll almost certainly find nowhere else online.

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The Oxford Club: Enlightening Members About Investments

In 1989, business people and entrepreneurs worldwide decided to establish a network that would allow them to interact with each other. This resulted to the foundation of the Oxford Club, an exclusive organization for successful business people and entrepreneurs which also serves as an avenue for them to share their knowledge and expertise on how to become successful in the business world. The Oxford Club is also providing their members with investment opportunities and strategies that would allow them to gather more wealth and money. The Oxford Club is dedicated on changing the lives of their members, and they are doing their best to provide their 80,000 strong members all of the resources on how to become successful. The Oxford Club is being supervised by Julia Guth, chief executive officer, and she stated that the club will keep on expanding their influence globally. Today, the club is actively operating in more than 100 countries, and they continue to show their genuine care to their members by spearheading conventions and conferences that would enrich the knowledge of their members regarding investments and other sources of wealth. The Oxford Club also has their own podcast channel which broadcasts programs that are focusing on how to preserve and increase their wealth. They also release newsletters and publications monthly, and articles found inside are written by some influential and successful business people.

On one of their podcasts, the Oxford Club provided information to their listeners about new investment methods, like initial coin offerings, or ICOs, and AltCoins, or alternate crypto currencies. Bitcoin, the most valuable crypto currency today, has been breaking records recently because its value keep on increasing. The Oxford Club advised their members on how to invest in crypto currencies, but at the same time, they also taught them the disadvantages of investing in crypto currencies. They stated that the volatility of the more popular ones, like Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin can bring in more wealth, but it is also very risky. However, if they invest in alternate crypto currencies, they would have a lower chance of risk, and at the same time, a higher chance of earning.