OSI Group Has The Food Solutions For Everyone

OSI Group is a global food processing and supply corporation that has been growing for the past 100 years through the distribution of meat products. As of 2018, OSI offers there services to 17 different nations around the world. In these 17 different countries, OSI Group has built a network of 65 food processing and distribution facilities. It takes more than 20,000 employees to operate all of these facilities at maximum capacity, but it allows them to operate at all times throughout the day and week. Along with their massive size is a good reputation for quality food products and dependable services all over the world with minimal impact on the environment.

Since the beginning of OSI’s expansion around the globe, they have been working hard to merge with and acquire other food companies in the market. Not only this, but they are constantly working to push their production limits. Recently, OSI Group upgraded facilities in Spain, effectively doubling their production of food products to supply throughout the region. Moves like this are only done when necessary at OSI because they are very focused on sustainability. This also means that they are constantly using the latest technology and energy saving methods throughout all of their facilities.

OSI Group has recently acquired several other food companies on the market to expand on their own presence as a global corporation. Chicago is the headquarters of the OSI organization and they have no acquired a local food plant in the area known as Tyson Foods. OSI has also completed a business deal to acquire Baho Foods as well as Flagship Europe. The reason for all of these mergers and acquisitions is for the obvious growth of the company but also to expand on their food products and international presence outside of the US.

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A Guide To OSI Industries: A Leader In Global Food Services

OSI Industries has a rich history here in the United States of America. This company started its journey as a family-owned butcher shop. As of 2018, the company is labelled as a global leader in wholesale foods. That is one heck of a jump forward, but the company has certainly earned its title. OSI Industries has also gone by the names of OSI Group as well as Otto & Sons. It has also been around since the turn of the 20th century. That’s right! You are looking at 100 years of food service greatness. Fritters, meatballs, Tofu, meatloaf, cheese, soups, flatbread, chili, onions, fruits, smoked cooked sausage, pizza, hotdogs, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, poultry products, pasta and pork products are all being served by this mega giant of a company.

Being a top 100 company isn’t easy. Unlike other competing businesses, OSI Industries has carved out a special niche to some degree. Diversity is one of the keys to success. Not only is the company made-up of an eclectic mix of people, it can deliver great results in the logistical process. Getting foods to and from a multitude of locations is dyer to a business’ success. If there are any delays in the logistical process, then a business will actually lose business to say the least. OSI Industries try to cover the entire gambit by providing distribution, management, processing and sourcing. It takes the frustration away from its clients by doing so.

This extraordinary company is worth over $6 billion, and it has been ranked by the Forbes list for being one of the fastest growing privately held companies of the 21st century. In 2011, OSI Industries was worth an estimated $3 billion and by 2016, it was worth an estimated $6 billion. As you can see, this particular company is still rising even though it’s already at the pinnacle of the industry.

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