Krishen Iyer: Marketing Strategies to Embrace in 2019

Krishen Iyer is a respected personality in the marketing world. For many years, the marketing executive has been giving important insights to companies in healthcare so that they can market their products and end up successful. At the moment, Krishen Iyer holds the prestigious position of CEO in a company called Managed Benefits Services. The organization has operated for a long time, and it focuses on giving consulting services to organizations in the dental and health industries. Not long ago, the marketing executive gave important advice to companies who want to become successful in the New Year. According to him, it is very easy for companies to increase their profits when they are using the right marketing strategies. Companies are having a hard time making profits in the modern times, and it is paramount for companies to go the extra mile to increase these profits. Marketing an organization, whether it is in the healthcare or any other department is the best way of making customers know about your brand. See more here

Krishen Iyer has worked in healthcare for decades, and he understands how most of the clients reason when looking for insurance products. The marketing executive believes that some of the methods used in marketing brands are not effective, and they should be abandoned. Krishen Iyer is advising his customers to make some few changes so that they can make a better impact than in the past. One of the best marketing platforms for healthcare companies, according to Krishen Iyer, is Facebook. In the past, many organizations believed in the use of this social media platform to market their products and make them profitable. Years later, this is not the case. Companies are looking for other platforms where they can make more money, forgetting that Facebook is one of the most popular platforms that is used by millions of people. Krishen Iyer urges all companies to continue embracing Facebook as a marketing site, and they will not have any regrets in the future. Facebook has proven to be a cheap marketing tool for many organizations too. The platform is also very easy to use.

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Jacob Gottlieb’s Interests in Healthcare Investments

Things are looking up for the healthcare investment field with the entry of Jacob Gottlieb, commonly known as a titan of healthcare investment, into the frame. The financial entrepreneur seeks to use the firm’s base in New York to focus on the growth of the healthcare investment opportunity. Of interest to Jacob Gottlieb will be healthcare businesses that offer advancements to health and medical treatment. Altium Capital has had success in investing in Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Amarin Corporation, in addition to Oragenics.

Initially, the firm bought a 5.61% stake in Oramed, with the healthcare organization developing a groundbreaking oral treatment substitute for diabetic patients otherwise taking their medication through injections. The effort has seen the testing and release of an oral insulin capsule (ORMD-0801), an oral GLP-1 that is similar to glucagon peptide -1, in addition to ORMD-0901 that is an analog exenatide capsule. The health firm features an experienced management team and exemplary scientific experts.

The Amarin firm headquarters are in Dublin, and also has offices in Bedminster. Similarly, the firm has shown rapid growth, transforming the pharmaceutical industry through developing drugs that enhance cardiovascular health. Its drug development combines both lipid science and therapeutic benefits derived from polyunsaturated fatty acids. The firm’s Vascepa AMR-101 received FDA approval in 2012 as a prescription medicine containing omega-3 grade fatty acids.

Oragenics, on the other hand, emphasizes becoming a chief supplier of antibiotics that counteract infectious diseases, along with the management of oral mucositis. The firm’s use of replacement therapy focuses on the use of beneficial bacteria to replace harmful ones, and in doing so, give therapeutic results. The firm has a working relationship with Intrexon Corporation, and this provides technological access that quicken development of drugs to tackle resistant strain bacteria. The partnership also presents the health firm with the ability to accelerate biotherapeutics that efficiently deal with oral mucositis and infections of the throat.

President Malcolm CasSelle Sees Success for Worldwide Asset eXchange

Worldwide Asset eXchange, known as WAX is a redistribution platform for gamers to purchase, trade, and sell virtual products online safely. The marketplace is conveniently available to use no investment amount in payment processing, security, and infrastructure. It’s in high demand in the video gaming world and designed to serve hundreds of millions of users. Malcolm CasSelle, the President and Strategic Advisor of the e-commerce business sees greater success after building a payment processing system for the future.

The founders of OPSkins, an online marketplace started WAX which is the first international video gaming platform for virtual items. According to Daily Forex Report in August 2018, Malcolm CasSelle said his observation of the opportunity in cryptocurrency is continuously growing. His focus is on digital currency and cryptocurrency in the marketplace of online gaming. Under his leadership, the market for blockchain games and use of cryptocurrency grew. The difference between the two platforms is that OPSkins acts as a third party platform and buys items from the seller and WAX allows the users to operate the marketplace between the seller and buyer.

Malcolm is CIO for OPSkins and heads start-up companies in the digital industry including a joint venture between Groupon and TenCent. Before OPSkins and WAX, Malcolm CasSelle worked for Digital Media of SeaChange International as the General Manager and Senior Vice President. He later joined tronc, Inc which was formerly Tribune Publishing serving as the Chief Technology Officer. He’s an active early stage investor in Zynga, Facebook, and Bitcoin companies, and leads MediaPass and Xfire. CasSelle graduated from MIT and Stanford University earning a BS degree and MBA in Computer Science.

Malcolm CasSelle has high expectations for digital currency and believes there is plenty of opportunity for the use of cryptocurrency as financial transactions. As Strategic Advisor and President for WAX, he seeks investments and partnerships with startups in the bitcoin industry. He’s confident the company will succeed in its investment endeavors and to lead digital companies in the startup stage. Malcolm helped with investing transactions to partner with Bancor Network, Forge Arena, GIFTO, Robot Cache, and Terra Virtual.

Sandy Chin: The Epic Journey under a Protégé

Little is known of the time and effort put in by Sandy Chin n mastering her craft as a portfolio manager. She has over 20 years’ experience in the consumer staple stocks. She is driving force behind the hedge fund, Tidal Bore Capital. With only two years in the market, she has done a remarkable job in the field of bottom-up analysis.


Sandy Chin has an impressive working catalog having worked for some of the top shelf management firms. SAC Capital Management assimilated her talents into her role of head in the consumer based portfolio management group.


She learned the basics of managing a hedge fund during her stay at the Visium Asset Management firm. But initially, she also had a run at the startup Moore Capital Management. She cultivated her management skills while at Neuberger Berman where she was the vice president and doubled up as the senior analyst.


A large part of her experience was however manifested at Bank of America and Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette. It was here that she learned from her mentor William Leach. Mr. Leach has had an impactful impact on her career spurning 10 years.


When it comes to academics, Sandy Chin holds an MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business. She is also a holder of a BA from the Columbia Universities Barnard College in the field of political science.


During a recent interview, she revealed how Mr. Bill introduced him as part of the team at Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette. While under his tutelage, she learned a lot from him when it came to value staple stocks. Mr. Leach taught her the basics of the industry thus creating a long, fruitful relationship.


Sandy Chin bore witness to Bill’s intervention through helping her build her own sector while still attending school. She was able to secure promotions while still attending school all because of Mr. Bill.


Sandy Chin learned various important lessons from her mentor which impacts the way she values staple stocks. She learned how to create her own quarterly and annual models. She started investments in her private money in stocks.


Sandy Chin’s advice to other associates is to seek mentors in the consumer staple firms who have a deep understanding of the value stocks. As a way of giving back, she also mentored an assistant into attending the business school. Her intervention saw the assistant rise to being an investor relations analyst hired at CBS.


Sandy Chin mentor helped her from the groundwork to form the current boom that defines Tidal Bore Capital. As a frontrunner in the consumer staples, Sandy Chin owes all her expertise to her mentor, Mr. Bill.

MonaVie Active

Jeunesse Global is a health food company with years of business in the fitness market under its belt. Their large selection gives their customers many anti-aging products to choose. The company produces millions in revenue through marketing health products at many demographics. Jeunesse Global succeeds because of the grassroots sales from its customers Their products cover many areas of the health market, but they continue to develop new entries for their selection.


MonaVie Active is antioxidant-rich, but the polyphenols provide many of its health benefits. Acai berries contain large amounts of resveratrol and luteolin. These compounds have potent anti-aging qualities, and they help our bodies build healthy immune systems. One 60 milliliter serving of MonaVie Active contains about 60 milligrams of luteolin, and you can find about 25 micrograms of resveratrol in that same cup. Polyphenols can give us powerful benefits in small amounts. You don’t need to drink an entire bottle of MonaVie Active to experience its effects on your health. A single cup can give you significant results.


Although polyphenols provide the majority of MonaVie Active’s benefits, juice blend contains ample amounts of glucosamine. As an amino sugar, glucosamine gives our bodies some of its building blocks. You need this compound to produce cartilage and other essential tissues. 60 milliliters of MonaVie Active contains more than 50 milligrams of glucosamine. Besides cartilage, this amino sugar protects our bodies from metabolic diseases like diabetes. When our body metabolizes complete amino sugars, it increases our metabolism. We easily burn fat and build muscle. Fitness goals are easy to reach after adding this juice blend into our diet. It adds to a healthy fitness plan.


As a juice blend of dozens of fruits, MonaVie Active can provide your daily nutritional intake. It contains high levels of vitamin C, and it’s an excellent source of minerals like zinc. You can find these nutrients alone in some fruits, but this bottle packs them into the same beverage. The combination of vitamins and minerals is highly bioavailable. When you drink MonaVie Active, you obtain nutrition, polyphenols, and antioxidants at once. The synergy between them creates powerful health-boosting effects.

Shervin Pishevar: Financial Realities

For many people, it can be hard to accept financial realities, particularly those involving their investments. However, according to Shervin Pishevar, there will be plenty of realities to accept in the coming months. Taking to Twitter recently, he unleashed a tweet storm that was spread out over a 21-hour period, totaled more than 50 messages, and left many people wondering what was coming next.

Beginning with his thoughts on the stock market, Shervin Pishevar took everyone by surprise by predicting a drop of possibly 6,000 points through 2019. In making this prediction, he urged investors to closely monitor the bond market, which is currently very active and driving some stock prices down. A strong believer a market correction is on the horizon, Shervin Pishevar believes those looking to change their portfolio strategies should now look to invest in gold, which he believes will have a price that stays steady during what he sees as uncertain economic times ahead.

Once he was finished leaving many people astounded with this prediction, he moved on to give his thoughts on technology. Specifically, he touched on what he sees as the demise of Silicon Valley companies as the leaders in technological innovation. Driven by the increasing competition from foreign companies in China and elsewhere, he thinks Silicon Valley companies have lost their competitive edge, and in the process have become hesitant in many areas, particularly research and development. To once again reclaim their spot at the top of the world rankings, Shervin Pishevar feels a renewed commitment to excellence will be needed.

And just as people thought the marathon tweet storm was finishing up, Shervin Pishevar once again expressed more thoughts on the world economic picture. This time, the subject was Bitcoin, the popular virtual currency. In this series of tweets, he predicted a drop in the currency’s value, perhaps of up to 5,000 points. However, as a strong believer in the future of virtual currencies, he does not see a decline that will never end. Instead, he predicts Bitcoin will rebound nicely, allowing investors to quickly recoup losses and even make significant gains.

CEO Marc Beer Describes What His Company Plans To Do After Its Series B Funding Round

Marc Beer has been working in the pharmaceutical industry ever since graduating from college at Miami University in 1987. His core skills include managing people and developing devices and diagnostics to treat illnesses and disorders. He co-founded Renovia Inc. in August 2016 and is this firm’s chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors. Other positions he currently holds are chairman of the board of directors at Good Start Genetics and at Minerva Neurosciences.

Renovia, a pharmaceutical startup, just held its Series B round. Marc Beer says that they raised $32 million from this and in a separate transaction raised another $10 million that is secured by debt in his company. Three main venture capital firms took part in this round which included one of their earliest investors, Longwood Fund. The other two major investment firms included Missouri’s Ascension Fund and New York’s Perceptive Advisors.

The money that was raised will be used in a few different ways. Leva is a product from Renovia which is a medical device which teaches women how to do pelvic training. It is for women who have a pelvic floor disorder, an affliction that is estimated to affect 250 women worldwide. They use this device and its accompanying mobile app to improve their pelvic strength by doing Kegels exercises. The money raised will be used to improve this device and also develop four other devices they are interested in introducing to the market.

Marc Beer says that pelvic floor disorders result in a number of negative consequences for women. These disorders involve the bladder, uterus, and bowel either individually or collectively “falling” down on top of the vagina. What this disorder can cause includes incontinence when it comes to the bladder and bowels, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, and dyssynergia among other conditions.

Outside of Restoria, Minerva, and Good Start Genetics, Marc Beer is involved in the business community in a number of ways. He serves on his alma mater’s Business Advisory Council, for instance. He has also served on Notre Dame’s Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee and its Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council among other positions. Learn more: