Doe Deere And The Life That She Lives

Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of the beauty brand Lime Crime. She had fun coming up with the name for her brand, as she wanted to create a name that rhymed. She was inspired by fairy tales and the way that rhymes are used to make things more whimsical, and she played around with various word combinations until she came up with one that she liked. Doe Deere runs her brand from Los Angeles, CA, and it is a brand that is doing big things. She creates products that are cruelty-free and vegan, and she uses fun and bold colors in creating those products.


The Lime Crime products that Doe Deere creates are available for sale online and in many stores, and they fill a hole in the makeup world. The whole reason that Doe Deere first thought to start the brand Lime Crime was because she wanted a certain kind of makeup product and she could not find that anywhere. She wanted to use makeup that was bold and colorful and she found that was missing from the beauty market. She created her brand to fill a void that was in the beauty world and to help everyone have access to fun and special makeup.


Doe Deere was able to bring attention to the first products that her brand put out by using those products in makeup tutorials that she created. There were many people paying attention to her tutorials, and those people had the chance to see her brands products in action.


There are some who push aside the feedback that they receive and who refuse to listen to any advice from others. Doe Deere believes that it is important for a person to pay attention to the feedback that they get if they want to be successful. She thinks that those who want to make it should pay attention to all that they are hearing online and in real and consider which pieces of advice are actual helpful to them and something that they should follow.


Doe Deere has created a brand that fills a very specific niche. She has worked to make Lime Crime something that is fun and colorful. She likes to think that her products help people have fun with their makeup. She has shared that she has always focused on a very specific idea when it comes to her brand and what she is doing, and she feels that is a key to success for any business.


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