Rebel Wilson Takes Center Stage in Her New Movie

Rebel Wilson is a bubble actress known for her roles in Pitch Perfect and in Bridesmaids, and she is starring in the new movie, Isn’t it Romantic. The romantic comedy is scheduled to be released Valentine’s Day of 2019 and has many buzzing about it.

Isn’t it Romantic is about main character Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson, who is trapped in a romantic comedy in the middle of a love triangle. The love triangle consists of Josh, (Adam DeVine) who is Natalie’s best friend, Blake (Liam Hemsworth) who is a sext stranger who she falls in love with, and a yoga ambassador played by Priyanka Chopra.

She ends up in this predicament when she gets into a tussle with a purse thief, and she gets knocked out. When he wakes up, she finds herself in her worst nightmare which is a romantic comedy complete with musical numbers.

Rebel Wilson was born in Sydney, Australia on March 2, 1980. She has a somewhat humble start, and her parents were professional dog handlers, so she traveled often growing up. They sold dog supplies out of their caravan, and there were always plenty of beagles in their home. She is actually allergic to dogs, but she did not realize it until she moved out of her parents’ home. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Rebel Wilson graduated from the University of South Wales, and she traveled to South Africa to be a youth ambassador after she graduated. She contracted malaria, and while she was getting better and taking medication, she has a dream/vision that she won an Academy Award. She took this as a sign to pursue acting.

She enrolled in the Theatre for Young People and began to take acting classes. She even created and starred in her very own theatre production called Pizza in 2003. It was a comedy.

Rebel Wilson is an interesting lady, and she mostly takes on roles that are comedic in nature although she is open to acting in more serious movies. She has many idols and inspiration such as Robin Williams, and she has a sunny disposition despite her hardships. She has embraced her plus-size figure and is both sexy and funny. She is not the kind of person to let anyone stand in her way.

She attended the University of New South Wales, and she has her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance Arts. She also has her Law degree. She enjoys listening to rap music, and she had also competed with her sister Liberty in music competitions when they were younger. She is also a distant relative of Walt Disney through his wife, Lillian Disney. Rebel Wilson currently lives with co-star Matt Lucas in a West Hollywood home.

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