Jacob Gottlieb’s Interests in Healthcare Investments

Things are looking up for the healthcare investment field with the entry of Jacob Gottlieb, commonly known as a titan of healthcare investment, into the frame. The financial entrepreneur seeks to use the firm’s base in New York to focus on the growth of the healthcare investment opportunity. Of interest to Jacob Gottlieb will be healthcare businesses that offer advancements to health and medical treatment. Altium Capital has had success in investing in Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Amarin Corporation, in addition to Oragenics.

Initially, the firm bought a 5.61% stake in Oramed, with the healthcare organization developing a groundbreaking oral treatment substitute for diabetic patients otherwise taking their medication through injections. The effort has seen the testing and release of an oral insulin capsule (ORMD-0801), an oral GLP-1 that is similar to glucagon peptide -1, in addition to ORMD-0901 that is an analog exenatide capsule. The health firm features an experienced management team and exemplary scientific experts.

The Amarin firm headquarters are in Dublin, and also has offices in Bedminster. Similarly, the firm has shown rapid growth, transforming the pharmaceutical industry through developing drugs that enhance cardiovascular health. Its drug development combines both lipid science and therapeutic benefits derived from polyunsaturated fatty acids. The firm’s Vascepa AMR-101 received FDA approval in 2012 as a prescription medicine containing omega-3 grade fatty acids.

Oragenics, on the other hand, emphasizes becoming a chief supplier of antibiotics that counteract infectious diseases, along with the management of oral mucositis. The firm’s use of replacement therapy focuses on the use of beneficial bacteria to replace harmful ones, and in doing so, give therapeutic results. The firm has a working relationship with Intrexon Corporation, and this provides technological access that quicken development of drugs to tackle resistant strain bacteria. The partnership also presents the health firm with the ability to accelerate biotherapeutics that efficiently deal with oral mucositis and infections of the throat.

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