Sunday Riley’s Scientific Thinking and Unique Leadership in the Beauty Product Department

Sunday Riley is a Texan beauty entrepreneur. She named her beauty brand after herself. Her emphasis is on evidence-based green technology, such as botanicals. Ironically, she does not hold a degree in chemistry or botany. Instead, she’s learned most of what she knows on the job. She says that she learns mostly by trial and error. She says that it often takes hundreds of times before she feels like something is just right and she doesn’t release it until it is. She says that she thinks of her experimentation as more of an art than a science.

Though Sunday Riley is just like a scientist in the way that she experiments by trial and error. She takes everything from her products’ textures to their scents into account. She is very detail-oriented and never leaves anything out. If she as much as loses pride in one of her product line-ups or sees that it’s not selling well, then she pulls it from the market.

As far as Good Genes is concerned, she says that she’s not as prideful about it as she is of some of her other lineups. She says that it has been, so far, one of the most difficult to make. So far, Good Genes has been made in about 20 different shades.

Sunday Riley says that she’s humbled that many of her products are on people’s counters and that many are using them as a nightly routine. However, she tries not to over-attach herself to her products. She also doesn’t read too much of the praise and criticism online but rather relies on her team to let her know what’s working and what isn’t. Aside from Good Genes, she says that her company is also doing particularly well in the acne department.

The one area that Sunday Riley has yet to touch on is hair. Although she has said that she would do so in a heartbeat, particularly in scalp health.

She says that the most important thing for skin maintenance is washing your face twice a day. Also adding exfoliation is essential as well. It’s is the only thing that actually eliminates dead skin cells.

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