Lime Crime Magic Spreads to the United Kingdom

The Lime Crime brand become a very recognizable brand of cosmetics. This company has grown over the years thanks to the ambitious spirit of this cosmetics company founder Doe Deere. This brand has evolved and it was recently acquired by Tengram. This is a company based in the United Kingdom that is going to help the brand gained even more of a following inside of department stores and other areas where people are trying to find cosmetics in brick and mortar shops.

The digital environment has been great for Doe Deere because it has allowed her to promote the brand and advertise effectively to consumers without spending major money on advertising campaigns through television.

Doe Deere has not had a need for a ton of marketing expenses through radio or any type of platform outside of the internet. It was a digital brand of cosmetics, and this allowed Doe Deere to prophet without spending a whole lot on operating costs.

With the recent acquisition it is possible for this brand to evolve and acquire a different fan base. The great thing about an acquisition with a bigger company like this is that the brand gets a chance to reach new audiences based on the resources that Tengram already has in place.

This is a company that has acquired multiple companies down through the years. This means that there are more resources available to promote and grow The Lime Crime brand. The ability to be seen by more people will give it a global presence. This is something that Doe Deere may not have been able to do on her own. It is true that there are more than a million followers of this cosmetics brand on Instagram, but now there is a greater chance to actually turn more of these followers into paying customers.

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