Learning at Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education began many years in a church in California. The institution offers proper education to low-income students who do not have access to excellent schools. Rocketship is working on satisfying the interest of students and their family through traditional instructions, targeted tutoring, and adaptive technology. The format is that a transformative education does not only offer lessons, but it engages parents, inspires students, empowers teachers, and engage the community. The primary purpose of the institution is to minimize the achievement gap in the society. Today, Rocketship is expanding rapidly by opening new schools each year. The students still come back for the next session even after having the chance to join the district schools.

Parents at Rocketship Education encourage others to join the institution. A recent study shows that over 76 percent of the parent endorse the school to other guardians. More than 50 percent of those sanctioned join the school to enjoy a mutual benefit. At Rocketship, we do not retest based on the performance of the students according to the model and protocol of the institution. Primarily, the school seeks cooperation with the parents and family members of the students to offer proper attention to the rocketeers.

At Rocketship Education, we offer technological advancement to the student to enable them to handle various life situations brilliantly. However, this model is not the only way to handle challenges in life. Therefore, we use other models to generate interest for education for students like the teacher students’ home-based way of learning, a model that is replacing the teacher students’ class-based model. Also, by coming up with some parent leadership programs, it helps to make the political leaders responsible for the quality of education offered in public schools. The leaders fulfill their promises in delivering the proper attention to better education and lives of the students.

When employing the teachers, Rocketship Education looks for educators who are ready to cope with our models and practices. The teacher’s mindset plays a significant role in disciplining the children and instill characters helpful in the life of the kids. No matter how educated the teacher is, we value the willingness to handle our model to give relevant feedback in our curriculum.

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