Securus Technologies: Helping Prevent Drone Attacks In Prisons Across America

Securus Technologies has always tried to work towards better security and technological systems for the benefit of the people inside the prisons, and the general public around them. The company has always tried to stay on top of the competition, being the first to implement a new state of the art systems that benefit the safety standards of the prisons.

Recently, prisons all over America are facing a new threat, which is that of unauthorized drones entering into the prison compounds. Drones coming into these areas can pose a significant threat to the security within the prisons and can endanger the lives of people who are inside these prisons. Reports have been emerging of people using these drones to bring in drugs, weapons and other kinds of contraband. These drones are usually operated by someone on the outside and are intercepted by an inmate who wants to carry out this malicious activity.

Before the program that Securus Technologies implemented, prisons had no idea how to deal with this kind of threat. They weren’t well equipped to be able to intercept these drones and often were helpless against this kind of threats. However, Securus Technologies quickly came in to offer a solution to prisons which would help them tackle the problem that they had on hand.

To be able to tackle the issue, the company decided to formulate a program that would work to intercept the drones when they enter into a specific area of the prison. The company implemented a system that sends of an alert to the authorities when there is a possible drone threat in the area, and also to be able to seize it before it reaches the inmate who is trying to take control of it.

Securus Technologies has always been a company working towards technological development in every endeavor that they undertake. Whenever there is a possible threat that prisons were facing, Securus Technologies would come in and implement a solution that would benefit the prisons and ensure that their safety is maintained. The drone detection program that Securus Technologies has executed is one of the many programs that the company has performed in the prisons that they serve.

Before installing a drone detection system, the previous plan that the company engaged in was for the containment of wireless technology. The system works to stop inmates from receiving cell phone service on the cell phones that they have illegally got into the prisons. This step was taken by Securus Technologies after several cases arose of people being subjected to violence as a result of something that was communicated through a private line inside a prison. In the past, searches which were conducted by prison officials would often end up useless, which is why the company decided to take a new approach to solve the issue.

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