What Does Healthcare Professional Brian Torchin Use His Social Media For?

Brian Torchin is a healthcare professional who is a managing partner for the Healthcare Recruitment Counselors who resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Torchin is a graduate of the University of Delaware who now seeks professionals to fill job vacancies of various sorts within the healthcare industry. Learn more about Brian Torchin: http://www.slideshare.net/BrianTorchin

Torchin runs his entire Facebook page largely to inform people of positions that are open within his management firm to help get these jobs filled. These job openings are all over the country ranging from Washington DC to Texas to Arizona and back.

These positions include all kinds of jobs including things like chiropractors, physicians, x-ray techs, physical therapists, and physicians assistants just to name a few.

Torchin’s database of professionals currently contains thousands of licensed workers who are able to help fill vacancies to provide healthcare facilities with the professionals they need to treat their patient’s needs.

Brian Torchin primarily enters posts on Twitter, and “shares” them with his Facebook page. Torchin has a brief description attached to each of the jobs including the position, location, and what is entailed within the job.

If you click on the page the details for each job will come up including information about the job, experience levels required, expectations of the job, benefits included in the job, and the information to contact the agency if you are interested in applying for the position.

This proves to be a great resource for healthcare professionals looking for jobs to find out about some jobs that may be located in their area. Furthermore, contact information is provided so that individuals looking for work in the healthcare profession can contact Brian Torchin for any information they may need.

This makes the services that Healthcare Recruitment Counselors offers invaluable both to healthcare professionals looking for work and facilities needing healthcare professionals to fill vacancies.

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