The Creative Efforts of Chris Burch

Chris Burch is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for a well-known investment company. That company is Burch Creative Capital. Chris Burch has decades of experience within the investment industry and this has helped him build a solid foundation. The creative skills that Chris Burch incorporates into his investment company benefits many people. By studying consumer behaviors, Burch Creative Capital has been able to cater to the needs of investors. The New York based private company has a goal to assist entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas. Industries such as retail, fashion and healthy eating have all been supported by BCB, view (

Recently, Chris Burch and Burch Creative Capital extended their reach with the addition of Nihi Sumba Island. BCB also has international business ventures with the likes of Philippe Stark and Alan Faena. Chris Burch is the owner of Nihi Sumba Island and Nihi Hotels.


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This combination of scenic land and hotels has made Nihi a global leader in vacation resorts. Nihi has earned #1 Hotel in the World honors twice over the past 3 years, additional information on

As an undergraduate at Ithaca College, Chris invested $2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye apparel. The clothing line that he and his brother created would ultimately grow to $60 million before they chose to sell the company to Swire Group. During 2014, Ellen Degeneres partnered with Chris Burch to establish ED. This lifestyle company has succeeded in ways that attracted other lifestyle companies to seek Burch Creative Capital. Other companies that have been helped by BCB include Soludos and Little Ducks Organics to name a few, click


Dr. Jennifer Waldens Contribution in the Field of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has been around for decades, and with the advancement in the field of medicine, cosmetic surgery is becoming more affordable to the public. There are also advanced techniques introduced to the doctors to perform flawless cosmetic surgery to a patient, leaving minimal scars and making the changes more natural. In the United States, the field of cosmetic surgery is a booming sector. Many people are visiting their doctors to have their facial features and bodies enhanced, making them more confident after the operations. Hollywood stars and celebrities have been visiting cosmetic surgeons to keep them look young and to enhance any part of their body that causes insecurities. Among the top cosmetic surgeons for celebrities, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the most popular of them all. She is the only female cosmetic surgeon who managed to reach the top, rising among her male counterparts and even holding a top position at the professional organization for American cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Jennifer Walden managed to get a lot of clients from Hollywood because of her inspiring story, and she is working hard to achieve her patients’ requests.

Currently, Dr. Jennifer Walden is managing her beauty clinics – one is located in Austin, and another one is located in New York City. She is also witnessing a rising number of people who are visiting her clinic requesting cosmetic services, due to her popularity both in television and the internet. She manages her own Instagram account, gaining thousands of followers. She also appears on television programs, sharing her insights into the industry of cosmetic surgery, and providing the public with beauty tips. Dr. Jennifer Walden also serves as an adviser for medical shows, giving them information that she acquired through years of experience in the field.

Dr. Jennifer Walden continues to show that women can also excel in the field of cosmetic surgery, which is currently dominated by men. Because of her contribution to the field of cosmetic surgery, several organizations in the United States decided to give her awards and recognition, making her more popular. She stated that she would continue working her way up to help other women who wanted to excel in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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President Malcolm CasSelle Sees Success for Worldwide Asset eXchange

Worldwide Asset eXchange, known as WAX is a redistribution platform for gamers to purchase, trade, and sell virtual products online safely. The marketplace is conveniently available to use no investment amount in payment processing, security, and infrastructure. It’s in high demand in the video gaming world and designed to serve hundreds of millions of users. Malcolm CasSelle, the President and Strategic Advisor of the e-commerce business sees greater success after building a payment processing system for the future.

The founders of OPSkins, an online marketplace started WAX which is the first international video gaming platform for virtual items. According to Daily Forex Report in August 2018, Malcolm CasSelle said his observation of the opportunity in cryptocurrency is continuously growing. His focus is on digital currency and cryptocurrency in the marketplace of online gaming. Under his leadership, the market for blockchain games and use of cryptocurrency grew. The difference between the two platforms is that OPSkins acts as a third party platform and buys items from the seller and WAX allows the users to operate the marketplace between the seller and buyer.

Malcolm is CIO for OPSkins and heads start-up companies in the digital industry including a joint venture between Groupon and TenCent. Before OPSkins and WAX, Malcolm CasSelle worked for Digital Media of SeaChange International as the General Manager and Senior Vice President. He later joined tronc, Inc which was formerly Tribune Publishing serving as the Chief Technology Officer. He’s an active early stage investor in Zynga, Facebook, and Bitcoin companies, and leads MediaPass and Xfire. CasSelle graduated from MIT and Stanford University earning a BS degree and MBA in Computer Science.

Malcolm CasSelle has high expectations for digital currency and believes there is plenty of opportunity for the use of cryptocurrency as financial transactions. As Strategic Advisor and President for WAX, he seeks investments and partnerships with startups in the bitcoin industry. He’s confident the company will succeed in its investment endeavors and to lead digital companies in the startup stage. Malcolm helped with investing transactions to partner with Bancor Network, Forge Arena, GIFTO, Robot Cache, and Terra Virtual.

Rick Cofer Wants Austin To Fully Commit To A New Recycling Plan

Austin City Council Plans To Do More For Recycling In The City

The Austin City Council has accepted the help of the Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force to find ways to cover expenses for recycling throughout the city. The mission coincides directly with the city’s Zero Waste Plan that was implemented back in 2009. The initial goal was to minimize landfill waste by close to 100% by the year 2040. The city has already implemented programs to support the waste reduction, however, officials feel the need to provide more options for recycling and compost at the parks.


Rick Cofer is the chairman of the recycling task forces and he feels that more needs to be done. He says some recycling options are sporadic at best throughout the city, however, the majority of parks don’t have anything to support recycling. He feels that if the city is going to be on board with the recycling plan, then more must be done to reflect that.


The recycling task force is proposing two options to cover the costs for the improved recycling in the city, Option A and Option B.


Option A is a one-year plan costing over $1.3 million. The costs would be covered by a monthly clean community fee bump of about 31 cents, city budget funds, and donors.


Option B is a two-year plan costing close to $802,500. The plan would have the same financial backing as option A, but the monthly community fee would only increase to 16 cents.


Kaiba White, a task force member mentioned that the team is considering Option B. She says in addition to the cost, there are other obstacles that could get in the way of the plan not being completed in a single year. One main issue is planning. There needs to be extensive planning done, and none of that has started yet.


About Rick Cofer

Rick Cofer is a seasoned attorney with decades of experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney. Just this year Rick Cofer opened his law firm, The Law Office of Rick Cofer. His firm specializes in many areas such as drug possession, DWI, juvenile charges and family violence. Rick Cofer is not just a special attorney, he is also active in his Austin Community. He plays a leadership role in many of the community organizations he is a part of. His community work covers topics such as homelessness, environmental issues, healthcare, and more.


MonaVie Active

Jeunesse Global is a health food company with years of business in the fitness market under its belt. Their large selection gives their customers many anti-aging products to choose. The company produces millions in revenue through marketing health products at many demographics. Jeunesse Global succeeds because of the grassroots sales from its customers Their products cover many areas of the health market, but they continue to develop new entries for their selection.


MonaVie Active is antioxidant-rich, but the polyphenols provide many of its health benefits. Acai berries contain large amounts of resveratrol and luteolin. These compounds have potent anti-aging qualities, and they help our bodies build healthy immune systems. One 60 milliliter serving of MonaVie Active contains about 60 milligrams of luteolin, and you can find about 25 micrograms of resveratrol in that same cup. Polyphenols can give us powerful benefits in small amounts. You don’t need to drink an entire bottle of MonaVie Active to experience its effects on your health. A single cup can give you significant results.


Although polyphenols provide the majority of MonaVie Active’s benefits, juice blend contains ample amounts of glucosamine. As an amino sugar, glucosamine gives our bodies some of its building blocks. You need this compound to produce cartilage and other essential tissues. 60 milliliters of MonaVie Active contains more than 50 milligrams of glucosamine. Besides cartilage, this amino sugar protects our bodies from metabolic diseases like diabetes. When our body metabolizes complete amino sugars, it increases our metabolism. We easily burn fat and build muscle. Fitness goals are easy to reach after adding this juice blend into our diet. It adds to a healthy fitness plan.


As a juice blend of dozens of fruits, MonaVie Active can provide your daily nutritional intake. It contains high levels of vitamin C, and it’s an excellent source of minerals like zinc. You can find these nutrients alone in some fruits, but this bottle packs them into the same beverage. The combination of vitamins and minerals is highly bioavailable. When you drink MonaVie Active, you obtain nutrition, polyphenols, and antioxidants at once. The synergy between them creates powerful health-boosting effects.

Betsy DeVos Targets Reformation of US Education

President Trump rose to prominence during the 2016 Election Cycle due to the fact that he was proudly a prominent outsider. Not beholden to the traditional rules of the political establishment, Donald Trump managed to galvanize a part of America that wanted to see change on a national level. That same outsider mentality, the one that got President Trump elected, was the driving force behind President Trump’s decision to nominate Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. Betsy DeVos came to Washington D.C. as an outsider and now she’ll be working tirelessly in order to enact true reformation from within the hallowed halls of the Department of Education.


Any parent in the last fifty years will tell you that public schooling is not in great shape. Despite all of the funding that is getting shoveled toward the problem of American education, results simply aren’t stacking up in a meaningful way. Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education, is looking to fundamentally change the solution in order to fix the problem. Betsy DeVos was raised in Michigan after being born into a small Dutch community in the town of Holland, MI. She grew up in a prominent and wealthy family, the Prince family, where she learned the values of reformation, faith, and conservatism. Her brother, Erik Prince, is a prominent security contractor while her father owns an automobile business. Betsy DeVos is seeking to stake her claim as an innovator in the field of education by promoting educational choice.


Educational choice is a concept that was initially developed by Milton Friedman in his paper, ‘The Role Of Government In Education’. Milton Friedman made the first ‘principled argument’ for school choice in the history of American politics, according to Betsy DeVos. It was his work that drove DeVos to look closely at the problems facing America’s educational system and it was that work that drove Betsy DeVos to commit her life to reform education forever. For all of this, what does educational choice actually mean?


Educational choice, as proposed by Betsy DeVos, essentially argues for public funding to be made available for private institutions, charter schools and religious schools. Betsy DeVos believes that the government should do more than just support public schools, they should support all schools. With public funding being spread around, DeVos hopes to inspire more institutions to work harder and to improve their output.


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Marathon Pharmaceuticals Small Scale Manufacturer and Life Saver

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is an established provider of medications in the United States. The company has its locations in New Jersey, Northbrook, Chicago and Illinois where it conducts its operations of working with patients and clients who suffer from rare and complicated illnesses. The firm also targets people who have unmet medical needs.


Unlike other medical companies that specialize in manufacturing medicines that are easy to produce, large-scale medications and drugs, Marathon Pharmaceuticals focuses on the small-scale production of hard to manufacture drugs that solve the needs of the people who have rare diseases. The company understands that patients with rare diseases have few treatment choices and some even lack any and chooses to recognize all the needs of such patients.


Recently, Marathon Pharmaceuticals publicized the launching of its Bioscience Center. The Marathon Bioscience Center is aimed to serve as the central production site for the medications and drugs for cancer treatment, central nervous system therapies, gastrointestinal diseases, movement disorders, endocrine deficiencies, and other critical illnesses. The Bioscience Center has been supplied with staff members who have extensive experience and expertise. The attendants of the Marathon Bioscience Center have experiences in clinical, research and regulatory fields. They use their professionalism to offer unmatched services and products to the clients.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals has received a reputation for its ability of manufacturing high-need medicine products for the people who have rare diseases that have few treatment options. It has overseen the manufacturing and production of various products that are very effective in conquering a variety of the unique conditions that affect its clients. Some of the high-need medications produced by Marathon Pharmaceuticals include Amytal Sodium, ZiNGO, Opium Tincture, PEPCID, and Seconal Sodium. Seconal Sodium and Amytal Sodium are both barbiturate medication products. The two medications are used as nonselective depressants for the medical challenges that affect the central nervous system. Their effects are responsible for depressing the sensory cortex which in return reduces the motor activity.


The nonselective depressants of the central nervous system cause an effect that is helpful for the treatment of patients who need drowsiness, hypnosis, and sedation. Such patients suffer from insomnia and others are the ones that require a pre-anesthetic before undergoing a surgical procedure.

Shervin Pishevar: Financial Realities

For many people, it can be hard to accept financial realities, particularly those involving their investments. However, according to Shervin Pishevar, there will be plenty of realities to accept in the coming months. Taking to Twitter recently, he unleashed a tweet storm that was spread out over a 21-hour period, totaled more than 50 messages, and left many people wondering what was coming next.

Beginning with his thoughts on the stock market, Shervin Pishevar took everyone by surprise by predicting a drop of possibly 6,000 points through 2019. In making this prediction, he urged investors to closely monitor the bond market, which is currently very active and driving some stock prices down. A strong believer a market correction is on the horizon, Shervin Pishevar believes those looking to change their portfolio strategies should now look to invest in gold, which he believes will have a price that stays steady during what he sees as uncertain economic times ahead.

Once he was finished leaving many people astounded with this prediction, he moved on to give his thoughts on technology. Specifically, he touched on what he sees as the demise of Silicon Valley companies as the leaders in technological innovation. Driven by the increasing competition from foreign companies in China and elsewhere, he thinks Silicon Valley companies have lost their competitive edge, and in the process have become hesitant in many areas, particularly research and development. To once again reclaim their spot at the top of the world rankings, Shervin Pishevar feels a renewed commitment to excellence will be needed.

And just as people thought the marathon tweet storm was finishing up, Shervin Pishevar once again expressed more thoughts on the world economic picture. This time, the subject was Bitcoin, the popular virtual currency. In this series of tweets, he predicted a drop in the currency’s value, perhaps of up to 5,000 points. However, as a strong believer in the future of virtual currencies, he does not see a decline that will never end. Instead, he predicts Bitcoin will rebound nicely, allowing investors to quickly recoup losses and even make significant gains.

Jeffrey Aronin’s MATTER

MATTER is a community of innovators working tirelessly to unravel some of the most difficult medical challenges. This three-year-old team of people includes healthcare individuals, life science industrialists, field experts, and trendsetters so they can connect and collaborate in their various areas of expertise. MATTER is set in Chicago with founder Jeffrey Aronin as their leader.

Emboldening different innovators by making this community have the same goal and mindset which is to see medical problems solved. MATTER also provides updates of information in all the various aspects of the medical, technology, pharmaceutical and even venture capitalists for further knowledge and information of their people.

Jeffrey Aronin has more than 25 years in biotechnology and as a healthcare professional. Championing this team, he believes that Chicago should be one of the most prominent leaders in the biotechnology industry and field. Not only is he the founder, but he is also the co-chairman of the board of MATTER.

Jeffrey Aronin’s passion for patients and their results came while following a physician that treated a young patient suffering from seizures. There were not a lot of treatment options besides major brain surgery, but the doctor at the last moment gave the patient new medicine for the seizures. It worked, and he saw the family’s liberation and euphoria is what led him to biotechnology and medications.

MATTER celebrated its’ third birthday as of February of 2018. CEO Steven Collens announced all of MATTER’s efforts and hard work that paid off the previous year. In 2017, MATTER held 150 educational workshops for people in the medical field. They also helped 21 teams through their mentorship program called “Chicago Innovation Mentors.” Furthermore, they held two improvement challenges and pitched strategic discussions called “Immersions.” They are also recruiting more women for healthcare startup committees called “3.8.”

With Jeffrey Aronin’s goals at the helm of MATTER, there is no slowing down the benefits and good that they are doing. They want to expand to include a larger community of healthcare professionals through education and solve many of today’s medical difficulties.

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Fortress Investment Group Ventures into the Rail System Business

Fortress Investment Group Ventures into the Rail System Business

In the month of May 2018, Fortress Investment Group launched the Brightline train with an inaugural run. The train which runs at a speed of approximately eighty meters per hour made its first run between Miami and Fort Lauderdale in less than thirty minutes. This is an impressive amount of time considering the fact that a car ride between these two areas takes more than forty-five minutes depending on the traffic situation at that time. The Brightline train has more to it than speed. The train is also passenger friendly as it has the most comfortable seats made of leather and has an inside food service as well as a free Wi-Fi service.

The train charges only ten dollars for a one-way ticket and makes approximately thirty rounds in a day. Currently, the train serves the areas between Palm Beach and Miami as well as most parts of Southern Florida. The owners and operators of the train; Fortress investment group has been looking for funds to start a second phase of the project with the aim of expanding its reach to other congested areas like between Houston and Dallas, between Atlanta and Charlotte and other such areas.

Fortress receives funding for the second phase of the Brightline Train project

Brightline is the first ever passenger train system that is owned and operated by a private entity in the United States. Due to the warm reception that it has received from commuters, an expansion project has been in the works. It was recently announced that the Florida Development Finance Corporation has awarded Fortress Investment Group a 1.15 billion dollars’ worth of funding for the second phase of the project. To know more about him click here.

About the Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment is an assets and investments management company that currently manages assets worth more than 72 billion dollars from clients who are both individuals and corporations from different parts of the globe. The company was founded in the year 1998 through the collaboration of Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. In December 2017, the company was sold to a Japanese conglomerate called SoftBank for the amount of 3.3 billion dollars. The company is situated in New York.